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hello here is nuno
have a fantic TX 330 built in 1979. I need and new ignition. Which parts can you recommend to me that are compatible. regarding ignition coil ......

Many Thanks Nuno

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Happy New Year Nuno and welcome. For a start, just a little remark about your first message. Usually, people introduce themselves beforehand, and we'd have been grateful if you could have done so. Anyway... moving on.
Jeff's right, if you need to replace absolutely everything, then find yourself a Minarelli AM6 ignition. If it's only the coil that's died on you, then  Google Translate this discussion, where our president Chris tells you how to replace the coil with a Minarelli AM6 coil. We've all done this on various Fantics and that works like a charm.

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Thanks RV ,my english is poor !

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Hi there
Thank you for your answers, I will try to implement it for the next few weeks.
I am Nuno 19 years old and have a fantic FM 250. and my brother Tamino is 14 years old and has a  TX 330.
We are from Germany
Thank you for your messages.